Find and Download Files from an Environment

Use the sample script in this section to automate the process of downloading one or more files from an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environment using a text string as a wildcard.

The following script allows you to match the string that you specify as the value of the FILENAME parameter with file names displayed using the listfiles command and then automatically download the files that match the string.

Be sure to assign the appropriate search string to the FILENAME parameter. For example, FILENAME="Scheduler Output/epm" will match the string Scheduler Output/epm against file names in the listfiles command output in your environment to identify the files to download.

Input parameters for running this script are username, password or password_file, and service_url.


If you are using the PDF version of this document: To avoid line breaks and footer information that will render this script unusable, copy the script from the HTML version of this topic.

If your password contains special characters, see Handling Special Characters.


@echo off
    setlocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion
    set USERNAME="username"
    set PASSWORD="password"
    set URL="url"

call epmautomate login %USERNAME% %PASSWORD% %URL%
    set FILENAME="Scheduler Output/epm"
    for /f "tokens=*" %%i in ('epmautomate listfiles ^| findstr /b /r /c:"^ *%FILENAME%" ') do (
    call epmautomate downloadfile "%%i"
call epmautomate logout



    FILENAME='Scheduler Output/epm'
    #echo $FILENAME
./ listfiles | grep "^ $FILENAME" | while read -r line ; do
    echo "Processing $line"
    ./ downloadfile "$line"
./ logout