Rename an OCI (Gen 2) EPM Cloud Instance

While creating a service instance for your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud subscription, you specify an instance name, which then becomes a part of the URLs to access your environments. At times, after creating an instance you may want to change the instance name and, consequently, the URLs of your environments.


This section is not applicable for OCI environments created with Oracle-Managed Migration. With Oracle-Managed Migration, Oracle changes the DNS configuration to route traffic to the Classic environment URLs to the corresponding OCI environments. Thus, recreating the OCI environments will result in this routing to fail. Also, instance names of Classic EPM Cloud subscriptions cannot be changed.

To rename an EPM Cloud instance:

After you delete an EPM Cloud instance, your quota becomes unavailable for a period of five to eight hours. You can recreate the EPM Cloud instance with the desired new name when the quota becomes available again.


If your current instance had data, make sure to download the latest snapshot from the current instance before deleting it. Then, upload this snapshot and import it into the newly created instance.