Understanding the Home Page

When you sign in to an environment, the Home page, which contains cards that group the activities that you can perform in the environment, is displayed. Cards provide access to key tasks, tutorials, and related information. On clicking a card, a page containing available shortcuts opens. Availability of shortcuts on a page depends on the role you have in the environment.

In addition to service-specific cards, the following common panels, cards and icons are available on the Home page.

Welcome Panel

The Welcome Panel gives you quick access to key information including messages and the tasks assigned to you. What you see in the Welcome Panel depends on the service.


Click Academy to access a variety of resources for understanding and working with the service. Available resources includes video overviews, tutorials, and information on key tasks.


Click (Navigator) to open a list of shortcuts that mirror the features and functionality that you normally access from the cards available on the Home page.

Settings and Actions Menu

Click your user name at the top-right corner of the screen to display Settings and Actions. The options available in this menu depend on your role. Generally, you use this menu to access online Help, the Provide Feedback utility, Downloads page, and Oracle Support website, and to sign out of the environment.

You can also access Oracle Cloud Customer Connect, a community gathering place for members to interact and collaborate on common goals and objectives, from Settings and Actions. You will find the latest release information, upcoming events, and answers to use-case questions on Oracle Cloud Customer Connect.

Accessibility Settings Icon

Click (Accessibility Settings icon) to specify accessibility settings to enable screen readers and the high contrast setting.

Home Icon

Click (Home icon) to return to the Home page.

Show/Hide Bar

The Show/Hide bar (Show/Hide bar) is available after you select an option from a card on the Home page. You click it to hide or show the contents of the current card.