Accessing EPM Cloud

You can access an environment using Oracle Cloud or Single Sign-On credentials.

  • Using Oracle Cloud credentials. See Authenticating Using Oracle Cloud Credentials.

  • Using network credentials if your organization configured Single Sign-On (SSO) access. See Authenticating Using Single Sign-On Credentials.

    SSO access between Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud and deployments of Oracle Fusion and NetSuite is also available. Additionally, SSO can be provided by integrating your services with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. See "Managing Single Sign-On" in Administering Oracle Cloud Identity Management for information on configuring the SSO process to work with the identity provider that your organization uses. Additionally, your IT administrator may configure browsers for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) to allow you to access the service without entering your credentials.


Clients such as the EPM Automate do not work with SSO credentials. The user accounts for accessing such clients must be maintained in EPM Cloud.