Authenticating Using Single Sign-On Credentials

The process of signing in is determined by your organization's SSO configuration. If you are in a setup that uses IWA, upon accessing an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud URL, the SSO process may not prompt you to supply a user name and password.

To access an environment using your SSO credentials:

  1. Go to the URL of an EPM Cloud environment.
  2. Click Company Sign In.


    In SSO enabled environments, Company Sign In is the only option available to most users. Service Administrators and Account Reconciliation Power Users, whose accounts are configured to run EPM Cloud client components such as EPM Automate, will see an additional option to sign in using Traditional Cloud Account.

    If you are in a setup that uses IWA, the landing page of the service is displayed. Otherwise, a login screen is displayed.

  3. If a sign in screen is displayed, enter the user name and password that you use to access your organization's network resources, and then click OK.