OCI (Gen 2) URLs

OCI environments use the following URL pattern:


The components that make up the URL are:

  • Instance Name: The instance name, for example, acme, specified while creating the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud instance. To distinguish between test and production environments, Oracle appends -test to create a unique instance name for the test environment. See Creating an EPM Cloud Instance.
  • Cloud Account Name: This is the name, for example, epmidm used while creating the Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM Account. This was previously known as the Identity Domain Name. Generally, one Cloud Account is used to activate all OCI EPM Cloud services of a customer.


    Modifying the Cloud Account Name, which is used as the name of the identity domain, does not change the URLs of your environments.
  • EPM Cloud Family: This is set to epm.
  • Data Center Region: This is the region where the data center that hosts EPM Cloud is located. This is selected when you create the EPM Cloud instance, for example, us-phoenix-1. See Creating an EPM Cloud Instance.
  • Application Context: This is set to epmcloud

Using the sample settings from the preceding explanation, the URLs may be as follows:

Production environment: https://acme-epmidm.epm.us-phoenix-1.ocs.oraclecloud.com/epmcloud

Test environment: https://acme-test-epmidm.epm.us-phoenix-1.ocs.oraclecloud.com/epmcloud