Creating an EPM Cloud Instance

An Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud subscription entitles you to one instance comprising two environments; one to host the test version of a business process and the other to host the production version. When you create an instance, Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM automatically creates these environments.

You require the Cloud Account Administrator role to create an EPM Cloud instance.

To create an instance:

  1. Complete a step:
    • Click Create Instance(s) in the email that you received after activating the service and sign in.
    • Access My Services (OCI). See Accessing My Services (OCI).
  2. Click Create Instance.
  3. In Create Instance, click Create in the EPM tile.
    Create Instance Screen

  4. Click Configuration.
  5. In Data Center, select a data center close to the majority of your users.
  6. In Name, enter a name for this environment using only lowercase letters and numbers.
    This name forms a part of the URL to access your environments and should be easily identifiable to users; for example, an abbreviated form of your organization's name. See OCI (Gen 2) URLs for more information.
  7. Click Review.
  8. Click Complete to submit the request to create the environment.
    This process may take a few minutes to complete after which you should receive an email from titled Action Required: Your new Oracle Enterprise Performance Management instance in Cloud Account xxxx is ready.

    The EPM application tile is now added to the My Services (OCI). Click the name of the tile to view instance and environments details.