Creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators

The Account Administrator can delegate setup and configuration activities by creating Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators.

Identity Domain Administrator is not an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud functional role; it does not permit users to work with the business process. To access and work within a business process, users must be granted one of the four functional roles. See Understanding Predefined Roles for information on these roles.

Service Administrator is the most powerful functional role in EPM Cloud. Users with this role can access Oracle Cloud Identity Console (OCI only) or Oracle Cloud Console (IAM) (OCI only), and My Services (OCI and Classic) to view EPM Cloud users and manage their predefined roles for the environments for which they are Service Administrators. They cannot, however, create users.

A combination of these roles can be granted to users who assist the Account Administrator to configure and manage EPM Cloud environments.

Classic Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM

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OCI Customers Using Oracle Cloud Identity Console

To create Identity Domain Administrators and Service Administrators:

  1. Access the My Services (OCI) as the Account Administrator or the Identity Domain Administrator. See Accessing My Services (OCI).
  2. In the Navigation drawer, click Users, and then Identity (Primary).
  3. Click Add.
  4. In User Details, enter the required user information, and then click Next.
  5. In Service Access, select one or more roles to assign:
    • Select Identity Domain Administrator in Identity Cloud.
    • Select Service Administrator role for each service instance.
    dd User Screen
  6. Click Finish.

OCI Customers using Oracle Cloud Console (IAM)

To create Identity Domain Administrators:

  1. Access Oracle Cloud Console (IAM) as the Account Administrator. See Accessing the Oracle Cloud Console (IAM).
  2. Click Security under Idenity Domain.
  3. Click Administrators under Security.
    Add User Screen
  4. In Identity Domain Administrator, click Add users.
  5. In Add Identity domain administrator, select the users who are to be assigned the Identity Administrator role, and then click Add users.

    The new user added is now listed as an Identity Domain Administrator.