Overview of Planning (Planning and Budgeting Cloud)

Planning is a subscription-based planning and budgeting solution built for and deployed on Oracle Cloud, using a proven, flexible planning and reporting best-in-class architecture. It delivers instant value and greater productivity for business planners, analysts, modelers, and decision-makers across all lines of business of an enterprise. Users interact through a Web 2.0 or Microsoft Office interface to model, plan, and report. The service, built to scale and perform, uses industry-standard Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Proven Platform and Technology

The service helps companies plan their cloud strategy efficiently by avoiding data and business process fragmentation. It is built to optimize Oracle Cloud resources. The service’s functional architecture is based on the proven Planning platform, which helps solve simple to complex planning use cases across numerous industries. In Oracle Cloud, enterprise-wide user profiles can be maintained in one place so that they can be reused across all Oracle Cloud Services to which an organization subscribes.

Best-in-Class Functionality

The service offers an intuitive Web 2.0 and Microsoft Office interface for driver-based modeling, rolling forecasts, and management reporting for time-sensitive and goal-oriented planning activities. You can easily create and share on-the-fly models and validate them against sophisticated statistical predictive capabilities, thus generating unbiased, accurate, and agile plans. This service is built for real-time collaborative planning and variance analysis across the enterprise, using powerful annotations, commentary, document attachments, tasks, workflow, and reporting capabilities.

Scalable and Flexible

The service leverages the powerful Essbase OLAP calculation engine and a comprehensive rules framework to enable fast processing of complex calculations for large volumes of data. Time and data intelligence built into the service provides out-of-the-box spreading and fast on-demand aggregation capabilities. By creating and sharing on-the-fly models, you can quickly build and collaborate using Microsoft Excel and Web interfaces.

Enterprise Ready

The service is a one-stop cloud service to build, deploy, and manage business planning activities for any size organization. It supports small- to large-scale deployment, data backup and migration, plus packaged Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data integration capabilities without compromising ease of use or self-service for smaller customers. This service includes comprehensive features to raise issues, get support, and seek product enhancements. It provides flat-file and Excel-based import and export, and comprehensive mapping capabilities for more sophisticated data integration use cases. You can seamlessly load and extract information, and you can drill back to source ERP.

Rapid Deployment

The service lets you get started immediately, because it requires no initial investment. Your subscription includes everything that you need. You don't need to license, install, upgrade, or patch software. You don't have to buy, install, or configure hardware. You can also leverage the deep product expertise of the worldwide Oracle Hyperion Partner network to develop and deploy cloud-based planning applications in weeks, using quick-start templates.


Existing Planning customers can leverage built-in migration capabilities to port their on-premises Planning application to the service. This capability also enables organizations to introduce or extend Planning usage across the enterprise to other lines of businesses without additional demands on their IT resource and budgets.

Watch this video for an overview of key Planning features.

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