Supported Browsers

Lists the supported and recommended browsers for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

To comply with Oracle Support policies, you must use a supported browser while accessing EPM Cloud. See Oracle Software Web Browser Support Policy.

Table 4-1 Supported Browsers for Each Client Platform

Client Platforms Recommended Browser Other Supported Browsers
Microsoft Windows Google Chrome

Firefox ESR

Microsoft Edge Version 80 or newer

Apple Mac OS X Google Chrome Safari, Firefox ESR
Linux (all versions) Google Chrome Firefox ESR
iOS * Safari None
Android * Google Chrome None
* Only browser-based interaction is supported for iPads and Android mobile devices. Browser-based interaction is not supported on phones.

To ensure access to the service, you must configure your browser to:

  • Accept cookies from and By default, the browsers are set up to accept cookies from websites. If your browser is configured to not accept cookies from sites, you must allow a per session or permanent exception for these sites
  • Allow pop-up windows from and

Using Multiple Browser Tabs or Browser Instances

EPM Cloud business processes require you to maintain a unique browser session per user. Additionally, EPM Cloud supports only one instance of dashboards in a browser session.

Business processes may not refresh correctly if you have multiple sessions open at the same time on the same machine; for example, one Chrome window with two tabs or multiple instances of the same browser (two Chrome Windows). Multiple simultaneous operations using the same user ID from the same computer or different computers can also result in unpredictable behavior.

A Duplicate Tab command is available in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge browsers to spawn another instance of the current tab. Oracle does not recommend using this command to duplicate the current view of a business process because it may cause EPM Cloud business process to display an error.