Managing Navigation Flows

Service Administrators can set up Cross-Subscription Connections called Navigation Flows that enable users to navigate across Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environments to create unified business process flows across multiple environments.

Cross-environment navigation flows allow users of multiple EPM Cloud environments to sign into one environment, and then seamlessly navigate to others without going through additional authentication processes. Service Administrators can create mash-ups of artifacts from various environments into a single unified business process flow for their users. Clusters, cards, and tabs can be brought together into a single flow. These cards and tabs can contain forms, reports dashboards from various applications.

Watch this video for an overview of customizing Workflow in EPM Cloud.

Video icon Overview Video


  • Cross-Subscription Connections can be created in the following services only:

    • Planning

    • Planning Modules

    • Financial Consolidation and Close

    • Tax Reporting

  • All EPM Cloud environments can be accessed from these source connections. Cross-Subscription Connections can be created between environments of the same service type. Only connections where environments are in the same identity domain within the same data center are supported.


    • Connections across environments that use different identity domains within the same data center is not currently supported.

    • Applications must be of the same version. For example, you cannot set up connections between a 19.09 Planning application and a 19.08 Financial Consolidation and Close application.

    • you cannot use custom (vanity) URLs in cross-subscription connections.
For detailed information on setting up and using cross-environment navigation, see the Administration Guide of the source service in which you want to configure links for navigation flow. For troubleshooting information, see Handling EPM Cloud Connections Issues in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide .