• Both the source and target identity domains must be within the same data center. You cannot relocate an environment from an identity domain in one data center (for example, identity domain 311964 in US2 data center) to an identity domain in another data center (for example, identity domain 196431 in US1 data center).

  • You can relocate an environment only if it was provisioned after May 1, 2016. Environments that were provisioned prior to this date cannot be relocated into another identity domain.

  • You cannot relocate environments ordered with Hosted Named Users incremented over time, where the total number of Hosted Named User licenses has not yet been reached. Refer to your Order Documents for detailed information.

  • Oracle Cloud Account Administrators may relocate an environment from its current identity domain to another if the target identity domain is provisioned for the same customer account.

  • Account Administrators can relocate an environment to a target identity domain even if the target identity domain already hosts an environment with the same service name. In such cases, you are prompted to rename the environment that you are relocating to ensure that the environment name is unique within the target identity domain. Account Administrator role is not the same as the Identity Domain Administrator role of the service.

    Only an user who is the Account Administrator in both the source and target domains can relocate an environment.


    If you are relocating a test environment, you must append -test to the environment name in the target identity domain; for example, new_env-test. If you do not appropriately name your migrated test environments, the monthly update cycle will be disrupted.
  • Account Administrators cannot create an identity domain as a part of the relocation process.

  • It is possible to relocate only the test or production environment of a service into a target identity domain.

    Relocation procedures are to be performed separately for the test and production environments.


After relocating an environment, be sure to update information such as identity domain name, environment URL, and user password in batch files or scripts that you use to perform routine maintenance tasks.

A relocated environment cannot be reverted to the original identity domain.