Supported Relocation Scenarios

By default, the test and production service environments use one common identity domain to facilitate the management of users and role assignments for each environment. You can relocate Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environments to suit these scenarios:

  • Relocate both the production and test environments to a different identity domain than the default.

    In this scenario, you can relocate both environments to another identity domain that you own so as to consolidate EPM Cloud environments into fewer identity domains. Consolidating identity domains allows you to manage users and roles in fewer identity domains.

  • Relocate the production environment, test environment, or both to different identity domains.

    In this scenario, you manage users and role assignments in two different identity domains. To grant access to both test and production environments to a user, you need to create the user in two identity domains.

    This configuration may be used to co-locate your EPM Cloud environments so that they share identity domains with Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud environments, which by default, use different identity domains for test and production environments.

  • Locate a pair of environments in one identity domain and another pair in a different identity domain.

    This option is suitable if you have a four-stage process involving an environment each for development, test, acceptance, and production. In this scenario, you can locate the development and test environments in one identity domain and acceptance and production environments in a different identity domain.