Emailing Access Details

After testing the relocated environment, a Service Administrator should email all users to provide them the URL to access the environment in the new identity domain.

If you use the Simplified Interface of Planning, users must use a URL similar to the following to access the relocated environment:; For example,

This replaces the following redirect URL format, which you may have previously used:


If the environment is not set up for SSO, Oracle Cloud Administrator ( sends an email to users whose accounts are re-created in the target identity domain. This email contains the user name and a temporary password to access the environment in the new identity domain.

The Service Administrator should also ask users to modify any bookmarks or shortcuts they may have, so that they point to the new service URL.


After relocating an environment, be sure to update the information, such as the identity domain, user name, and password, in batch files or scripts that you use to perform routine maintenance tasks.