Creating Users

The Identity Domain Administrator can create users individually or use an upload file containing user data to create many users at once.

Identity Domain Administrators are expected to possess these skills:

  • Proficiency in security concepts, including the predefined Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud roles that allow users to gain access to an environment.

  • Know how to use My Services to complete tasks.

By default, Oracle Cloud administrator ( sends an email to each new user. The email contains the credentials (user name and a temporary password) that the user needs to sign in to the environment.


  • User names must contain only ASCII characters and must be unique within the identity domain.

  • Email IDs must be unique; two users cannot have the same email ID.

  • The first name, last name and email ID of users may contain the apostrophe punctuation mark (').

  • Email IDs containing the apostrophe punctuation mark cannot be used as the user name.

Use these information sources:

  • To create one user and assign roles, see "Creating a User and Assigning a Role" in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  • To create many users using an input file, see "Importing a Batch of User Accounts" in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud.

  • To generate a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file that identifies the users in an identity domain, use the Export button on the Users tab of My Services.