Managing Users

Unassigning a Role

The Service Administrator, by unassigning a role, denies access that was previously granted to the user. You unassign a role by modifying the roles assigned to the user.

Modifying User Information

Identity Domain Administrators may modify users' first name and last name. To modify the email address or user name, you must delete the user and then add the user with the appropriate email or user name.

Changes to first name and last name are reflected in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud business processes only after one of the following occurs:

  • The business process is restarted either manually or automatically by the daily maintenance process. You use the resetService EPM Automate command to manually restart a business process. See "EPM Automate Commands" in Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.
  • A Service Administrator changes a predefined role assignment of any user. In this case, updates are reflected in about five minutes after any user signs in.

Deleting Users

Only an Identity Domain Administrator can delete a user account.

See "Removing a User Account" in Managing and Monitoring Oracle Cloud.

Creating Groups for Application-Level Role Assignment

The following EPM Cloud applications allow you to create groups. You can assign identity domain users or other groups as children of a group.

  • Planning

  • Planning Modules

  • Financial Consolidation and Close

  • Tax Reporting

Group information is maintained independently by each environment. For information on creating groups and assigning application-level roles, see Administering Access Control for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.