Profitability and Cost Management

Service Administrator

Performs all functional activities in an environment.

This role should be granted to functional experts who need to create and administer Profitability and Cost Management application and service components.

Power User

Views and interacts with data. This role grants high-level access to several functional areas within an environment and should be granted to department heads and business unit managers, and business users in charge of a region who need to control the approval process.

A Power User can perform activities including the following:

  • Adds allocation rules, analytical features, financial reports, and queries

  • Imports and exports data

  • Calculates application models

  • Updates metadata and performs all application management tasks except creation and deletion


  • Enters data where user input is requested

  • Runs analytical tools and reports

  • Designs reports, queries, dashboards, and other analytical elements


Views and analyzes data but does not have write access