Tax Reporting

Service Administrator

Performs all functional activities (read, write, and update) in Tax Reporting, including granting roles to users, and metadata and data, for all entities or a specific group or entity. This role also performs tax automation.

This role should be granted to Tax Reporting experts who need to create and administer the application and service components.

  • Accesses all tasks, Task Manager templates and schedules

  • Creates and manages Task Types, Integration Types, Attributes, and Alert Types

  • Generates and manages Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager reports

  • Defines and deploys Supplemental Data sets, and manage data collection periods

  • Manages Supplemental Data forms

Power User

Views and interacts with data. This role grants high-level access to several Tax Reporting functional areas and should be granted, typically, to the consolidation experts and regional senior financial analysts of your organization. A Power User can perform these activities:
  • Reads and writes to the application, runs tax automation, and imports data for the assigned entities.

  • Create and maintain forms, Oracle Smart View for Office worksheets, business rules, task lists, and Financial Reporting reports

  • Imports data

  • Creates and saves Smart Slices

  • Creates and manages Task Manager tasks, templates, Task Types, and schedules

  • Defines and deploys Supplemental Data sets

  • Defines Supplemental Data forms and modifies form data


Anyone other than a user with theViewer role can become an owner or reviewer.


The activities that a User can perform includes the following:

  • Reads, writes, and updates only tax-related forms for the assigned entities. Also, enters and submits data for approval, analyzes forms, consolidates data, and creates and submits journals for dimension members to which they have access. This role cannot perform tax automation.

  • Accesses Data Management (to create an integration, run an integration, and drill through) and load data if an application role that grants such access is assigned to the user

  • Modifies task status, create and modify Task Manager alerts, comments, and questions

  • Accesses Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager Dashboards

  • Enters and edits data in Supplemental Data forms


Tasks that a Viewer can perform include the following:

  • Views reports and has read-only access to specified forms to view and analyze data through forms and any data access tools. Data Access tools include reports, Smart Slices, journals, and ad hoc grids. This access is usually assigned to reviewers, directors, executives, and so on

  • Views Task Manager schedules and Supplemental Data form data