DKIM Support for EPM Cloud OCI (Gen 2) Environments

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud on OCI (Gen 2) environments supports DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail). EPM Cloud email servers sign outgoing email messages using a private key. The receiving mail servers can then use a public key published on the DNS record to verify the signatures on the email messages from these EPM Cloud email servers.


Oracle's support for DKIM works for emails where the domain address is or a custom email address. To request outgoing messages to use custom sender email address, see Request Custom Sender Email Address for OCI (Gen 2) Environments in Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud Operations Guide ..

Get DKIM Selector Value

To find the DKIM public key from DNS record, use the DKIM Selector value referenced in the header information sent in the email. DKIM selector is referenced by header.s= VALUE where header.d is

For example, in the following header information of an email from sender domain

dkim=pass header.s=emaildelivery; 
dkim=pass header.s=ACCOUNT_NAME; 

DKIM selector value is emaildelivery.

Get Public Key

Using the DKIM Selector value (for example, emaildelivery) and the sender domain, get the public key in the following ways:

  • Check DNS-related records from a website, for example
  • Run the following command on Linux/ MAC OS command line:
    dig TXT +short
Using the methods above, here is the public key for the DNS record for
Key length : 2048