Monitoring Environments Using Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM provides My Services to monitor environments. My Services application provides both summary and detailed information to monitor active environments belonging to one identity domain. In Classic environments, you use the My Account application to monitor environments across multiple data centers and identity domains. In OCI environments, My Account application is not available, and you use Manage Account in My Services for account management.


If you migrate your Classic environments to OCI, you will still have access to My Account application but it will not display OCI environments; it will display only Classic environments.

A dashboard that provides an overview of the health of active applications over a period of 14 days is available in Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM. You can view historical service status, outages, and uptime percentage for a specific day by hovering over the cell for the specific application.

You can drill down to each application listed in the dashboard to gather detailed information. For Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM, data is presented in the following default metrics:

  • Number of users
  • Average user interface response time (ms)
  • Size of data (GB)