Monitoring Metrics in Oracle Cloud Portal

This topic discusses how you can monitor business metrics such as number of unique users, average user interface response time, and data size of your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud environments.

Business metrics are displayed in the following formats:

  • As a graph
    Data size information as a graph
  • As a table
    Data size information in a tabular format
  • As the most recent value
    Most recent data size information

Monitoring Number of Users

Oracle Cloud Portal contains a graph showing the number of unique users for each day in a period you select. This metric helps you understand how many users signed into the environment on a given day.

Monitoring Average User Interface Response Time

Average response time (in millisecond) for user interface requests indicates how well the environment is performing. If the average response time is high and you are not running long operations, you may consider resetting the environment using the resetService EPM Automate command.

Monitoring Data Size

This business metric in the Oracle Cloud portal helps you monitor the data size in your environment so that you can ensure that it is within predefined limits.

See Overview of the Maintenance Snapshot for information on automatic deletion of artifact snapshots as a part of the maintenance process in Oracle Cloud.

The data size displayed for an environment comprises the following:

  • Application data stored in Essbase.

    For environments that do not use Essbase, for example, Account Reconciliation, the database size is used.

  • The artifact snapshot created by the daily maintenance process.
  • All exported snapshots using EPM Automate or Migration.
  • All snapshots that you uploaded using EPM Automate or Migration.
  • All files that you uploaded using EPM Automate or Migration.

To monitor business metrics:

  1. Sign into the My Services Portal. See Sign In to Your Account From the Oracle Cloud Website in Getting Started with Oracle Cloud for steps to access My Services from

    The My Services Dashboard displays the EPM Cloud environments that uses the current identity domain.

  2. Click the name of an environment to view its status.

  3. Click Business Metrics.

  4. Select one or more business metrics from the drop down list below Historical Usage.

    Alternatively, select only the business metric that is of interest to you. For example, to get the space occupied by your application data, select Size of Data (GB).