Understanding Updates to an Environment and Viewing Readiness Information

Generally, Oracle releases a patch containing bug fixes, code optimization, and feature updates on the first Friday of the month. Oracle applies this patch to the test environment of the service during the next Daily Maintenance window following a patch release. Typically, production environments are patched on the third Friday of the month.

Monthly Updates to Environments

Oracle notifies Service Administrators of the updates included in each patch. For minor patch releases, Oracle typically provides one week advance notification before patching the test environment. For major updates, Oracle provides a two-month advance notification.

Viewing Readiness Information

A document that provides detailed information about the currently installed service update is posted on the Oracle Cloud Release Readiness website. Information that may be available at this website includes announcements and new features, changes in behavior, and fixed defects.


You can open the Oracle Cloud Release Readiness website directly by going to https://cloud.oracle.com/saas/readiness/overview .

To access readiness information from the service:

  1. Access an environment.
  2. On the Home page, access Settings and Actions by clicking your user name at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select About and then Version.
  4. Click the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Release Readiness link.
    Oracle Cloud Release Readiness website is displayed.
  5. Click Enterprise Performance Management, and then the service type, for example, Planning & Budgeting.