Rebranding EPM Cloud Environments

You can customize your environments for easy recognition; for example, to distinguish your test environment from the production environments or to distinguish one service type from another.

Customizable UI Elements

You can change the following to rebrand an environment:

  • The background image that displays on the Home page

  • The default display theme, which changes the color scheme of the user interface

  • The Oracle logo, which appears at the right top corner of the Home page


Oracle Enterprise Data Management Cloud environments cannot be rebranded.

Not all Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud services offer identical customization options.

The logo and background image that you use must be accessible using a URL; you cannot import them into EPM Cloud environments. Oracle does not store or maintain them.

Logo Requirements

Logo images smaller than 125 pixels wide and 25 pixels are displayed without resizing them. For large image logos, Oracle recommends that you maintain a 5:1 ratio so the image can be scaled without distortion.

Background Image Requirements

The default size for the background image is 1024x768. If you use a larger background image, the image is scaled to fit the resolution setting of your display. If you want your background image to fit both a browser and a mobile device, Oracle recommends that you size the image so that it fits your biggest screen (or highest resolution device). The background image is centered horizontally.

To customize the appearance of your environment:

  1. Access the environment as a Service Administrator. See Accessing EPM Cloud.
  2. Perform an action:
    • All services other than Narrative Reporting: Click Tools and then Appearance.
    • Narrative Reporting only: Click Appearance.
  3. Optional: To use a custom logo, in Logo Image URL, enter a web address at which the logo image is available.
  4. Optional: To change the background image, in Background Image URL, enter a web address where the image is available.
  5. Optional: To change background color (if this option is available):
    • Profitability and Cost Management only: From Background color, select a color scheme.
    • Other Services: From Theme, select a color scheme.
  6. Optional: To change the shape of screen corners (if this option is available), from Shape, select Oblong, Round, or Square.
    This setting is not available for Profitability and Cost Management and Narrative Reporting environments.
  7. Save the settings that you specified.