Assigning Roles Using Oracle Cloud Identity Console

Assign predefined roles to your users in Oracle Cloud Identity Console.

  1. Sign into Oracle Cloud Identity Console as a Service Administrator or an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud user assigned to an Identity Domain Administrator role. See Accessing the Oracle Cloud Identity Console (IDCS).
  2. In the Navigation drawer, click Oracle Cloud Services.
    A list of available EPM Cloud environments is displayed.
  3. Click the name of the EPM Cloud environment for which you want to assign predefined roles to users.
  4. Click Application Roles.
  5. Click down arrow next to the role.
  6. Click Manage next to Assigned Users.
    Assign Users screen

  7. Select the users you want to assign to the current predefined role and then click OK.
    Since you have directly assigned them to the predefined role, they will be be listed as Direct Member type.
  8. Repeat the preceding step to assign users to other predefined roles.
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 7 to assign predefined roles to users of other EPM Cloud environment:s.