Adding a Cluster

To add a cluster:

  1. From the Home page, click Application (Image shows the Application Cluster icon.).

  2. Click Data Exchange (Image shows Data Exchange icon.), and then select the Data Integration tab.

  3. Optionally, you can launch Data Integration by clicking Navigator (Navigator icon), and then from Application, selecting Data Exchange (Image shows the Data Exchange option on the Navigator menu.).

  4. From the Data Integration home page, click Actions, and then select Agent.

    Image shows the Agent Cluster page.

  5. From the Agent Cluster page, click Add.

  6. On the Create Agent Cluster page, specify the cluster name in the Cluster Name field.

    Only alphanumeric characters can be used in the name. Do not use special characters, such as sign (@) or ampersand (&). The name cannot be modified once the cluster has been created.

  7. In Cluster Mode, select the integration flow.

    Available modes include the following:

    • Synchronous

    • Asynchronous

  8. In Description, specify any additional information about the cluster.

  9. Click Save.

    Image show the Create Agent Cluster screen.