Running Data Mapping and Smart Push Processes Simultaneously

While moving data to a reporting cube, you can minimize the time the system is unavailable to users. This can be achieved by moving only the required data to the reporting cube using runtime prompts in a Groovy rules-based Data Map push. For a Data Map push through EPM Automate, you can use substitution variables and set up substitution variable values before moving data using Data Maps. See these topics for more information:

You can also further minimize downtime by allowing users to run the Smart Push and Data Map processes simultaneously by enabling the Allow Smart Push Simultaneously option in Data Map Options.

Consider the following when running simultaneous Data Map and Smart Push executions:

  • Smart Push will wait for data to clear in the reporting cube before pushing data.

  • There are limits on the amount of data that can be processed simultaneously. Check the job output and design accordingly.

For information about data map options, see Defining Data Map Options.