About the Point of View

A report that contains the grid has a global Point of View (POV) that applies to all report objects in the report that display data. Grids also have a local point of view (POV) which contains all of the dimensions from a data source that are not on the grid rows or columns, and which determines the data that gets displayed in a grid. For more information on global and local POV, see Learning about the Point of View


When you create a report, the first time you add a grid or a chart to that report, the POV of that grid or chart becomes the global POV for that report. When you add subsequent grids or charts to the report, any common dimensions across data sources are combined so that a single selection can affect different data sources. You can override the global POV with a local POV selection for any dimension. For example, if the Scenario dimension in the global POV is set to Actual, you can override that selection on a particular grid or chart with a local selection of Budget. This setting will affect only that grid or chart; all other grids and charts will display the Actual data from the global POV.