Working with the Point of View

Default Setting

If you do not make any member selections or set any options for a POV dimension, that dimension is set to Default while you are in report edit mode.

When you preview a report, you can select any members in a dimension that you have security access to in the data source. Members that you have recently selected are displayed so that you can select from them more conveniently.

Selecting Multiple Members

While you are in edit mode, you can select multiple members for a dimension, and you can also use functions (for example, Children of Total Entities) to define a list of members for the report viewer to choose from.

You can also set Display Suggestions Only to restrict viewers to select only from the list of members that you choose. You can preview this list of members in Preview mode.

When multiple members are selected for a POV dimension, you can set the dimension to Print All Selections. When you preview the report in PDF mode, each member selection will be rendered on a different page.


When a POV dimension has multiple members selected and Print All Selections enabled, the PDF Preview of the report displays separate pages for each POV member, but the member name is not displayed in the PDF output of the report. You must use a MemberName or MemberAlias text function to display the member name. See Displaying the Printable Page Member.

Locking or Limiting User Selections

When you define members in a POV dimension, you control what a report viewer can select from. Use Display Suggestions Only to either lock the selections so that a report viewer cannot select any other members, or to enable viewers to select members other than the ones that you defined.

If only one member is selected for each dimension, you can also hide the POV from report viewers.

Combining Dimensions from Multiple Grids in the POV

When there are multiple grids in the report that use the same data source, POV dimensions will be combined in the POV bar when previewing the report. For example, if the Scenario dimension is in the column of the first grid and in the POV of the second grid, the Scenario dimension will still appear in the global POV. However, its selections will affect only the second grid.


If you have combined shared dimensions in the Global POV, you must enable Display Suggestions Only.

If there are multiple grids in the report with different data sources, POV dimensions will be combined in the POV bar when previewing the report. If the data sources share the same dimension name, only one dimension will be displayed, with only common members between the two data sources listed.


If you want each data source in the POV to list members for a common dimension, move one or both of the dimensions to the local POV.