Adding a Text Box

Text boxes are report objects that can contain text and text functions.

You can enter a label, description, or a function that retrieves the current date in a text box. You can also enter multiple paragraphs of text. Like other report objects, you can move, resize, or reposition the area containing the text.

To add a new text box:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • From the toolbar, click Add and select Text.

    • From a blank report page, click add text.

    • From the report header, footer, or body, right-click and select Add Report Content, and then select Text.

  2. Click edit or Setup Text.
  3. Enter the text in the text box.

    Use the properties panel to format the text.

    When using a text box with the Notes text function, you can enable and select a data source to expose POV controls for the text box. For more information refer to:

    To insert a function in the text box, click text functions. See Text Functions


    Pasting formatted text into a Text Box, copied from Microsoft Word or an HTML page, has some rendering limitations. See Pasting Formatted Text into a Text Box Limitations.