Copying/Moving Report Objects Across Sheets

In a report with multiple sheets (physical pages), you can copy or move report objects from one sheet to another via right click menus. In addition, if you want to hide a grid from displaying in the report output, you can move it to the hidden sheet.

To copy or move a report object:

  1. In the Report Designer, select the report object (grid, chart, image, or text box) that you want to copy or move.

  2. Right-click, and perform an action:

    • Select Copy, then navigate to the page that you want to place the object on, right-click, and select Paste.

    • Select Move To, and then select the page that you want to move the object to.

  3. Resize or reposition the report object as necessary. See Resizing, Editing, and Repositioning Report Objects.

screenshot shows the right-click menu on a report object with Copy highlighted