Exporting Log Messages to a File

When you launch Planning business rules from within Calculation Manager, log messages are generated and displayed in a Log Messages tab within the Rule Designer.

You can export these log messages to a comma separated value (.csv) file. See Launching Planning Business Rules and Viewing Logs from the Rule Designer.

To export log messages generated from launching Planning business rules within Calculation Manager:

  1. In System View, double-click the rule you want to launch.
  2. When the rule opens in the Rule Designer, select Actions, and then Launch.

    After the rule is run, a confirmation message is displayed that indicates whether the rule launched with or without errors.

  3. Click OK to exit the confirmation message.

    The log messages are displayed on the Log Messages tab.

  4. To export the log messages generated while the rule was launched, select the Actions, and then Export.

    A file named RuleLogMessages.csv, with all of the log messages from the table, is available for download after the export. Save the file and open it using Microsoft Excel with a comma as the separator.