Approve a Request

In this step, Kerry Lane is going to approve the request to add two nodes to the General Ledger, Financial Consolidation, and Planning applications. Kerry has access to the dimensions in all three viewpoints (General Ledger, Financial Consolidation, and Planning). Kerry will receive an email notification asking him to approve the request.

  1. On the Oracle Cloud Sign In screen, log in as Kerry Lane.

    Sign In screen with Kerry Lane as the user

  2. Select Requests for my approval.

    Oracle Enterprise Data Management Home page showing Kerry Lane's requests

  3. On the Request Activity screen, select the request.

    Request Activity screen with the request selected

  4. Click Actions. Notice that if you don't want to approve the request, you can either Pushback to the submitter, or you can Reject the request.

    Actions dropdown

  5. In this example, click Approve to approve the request.

    Approve request

  6. In the Approve Request dialog box, enter Approved, and then click OK.

    Approved Request dialog box

  7. Click Done, and then click Close.

    Entity Maintenance with Close selected

  8. Sign out as Kerry Lane.

    Sign Out sceen with Kerry Land selected