Migrate Financial Management Metadata and Artifacts

You use the EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator to migrate Oracle Hyperion Financial Management artifacts and data to Financial Consolidation and Close. This tool, and supporting documentation, is available from Oracle Support.

To download the EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator and documentation:
  1. From a browser, navigate to Oracle Support and sign in.
  2. Search for document 2420798.1. The search feature is at the top right corner of the page.
    HFM To EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator (Doc ID 2420798.1) is displayed.
  3. Click the EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator (ECMA) link in ACTIONS.
  4. In Patch Details, click Download.
  5. In File Download, click p28352563_111240_Generic.zip and save it to a local directory.
  6. Using a third party utility such as 7-Zip, extract the contents of p28352563_111240_Generic.zip.
  7. Open User Documentation within the directory where you extracted p28352563_111240_Generic.zip.
  8. Use the instructions in the following documents to migrate Financial Management metadata, data, and artifacts.
    • Migrating to EPM Cloud from Hyperion Financial Management (HFM).pptx, which presents an overview of the migration process.

    • Whitepaper - HFM to EPM Cloud - 18 08-V5.docx, which contains step-by-step migration instructions.

    • EcmaUserGuide.docx, which explains how to use the EPM Cloud Migration Accelerator.