Import the Template File into Profitability and Cost Management

Use the Profitability Applications Console to import templates from the archive (for example, from that you uploaded in the preceding step).

You may also use the File Explorer to upload and import templates. See Transferring Files with the File Explorer in Administering Profitability and Cost Management .

To import templates:

  1. From a browser, sign in to the Profitability and Cost Management environment as a Service Administrator.
  2. Click Application, and then Application again to open the Profitability Application Console.
  3. On Application, click Create (Create), and then select Import Template.
  4. Click Select File, and then select Server as the location of the file.
    Select Client as the location if you want to upload the template archive using the File Explorer.
  5. Browse to select the template archive, for example,
  6. Click OK.