Viewing Artifact Modification History

You use the Modification History report to identify the artifacts that were modified after you created the original snapshot. Identifying changed artifacts helps you create new snapshots to back up the changes that were made to artifacts.

The service automatically generates this report to list all the artifacts modified by all the users. You can regenerate the report to list only specific artifacts or only the artifacts that a specific user modified.

To view Modification History report:

  1. Access Migration. See Accessing Migration for Lifecycle Management.
  2. Click Snapshots, and then select a snapshot.
  3. Click Actions button (Actions), and then select Modification History.
    The Modification History report is displayed.
  4. Optional: Filter the report if needed:
    • Enter a name in Artifact Name to display the report for a specific artifact.
    • Enter a user name in Modified By to generate the report to list the artifacts that a specific user modified.
  5. Optional: Export artifacts.
    1. Select the artifacts to export:
      • To create a snapshot containing all artifacts listed in the report, click Select All.
      • To create a snapshot containing specific artifacts, for each artifact you want to include in the snapshot, select the check box next to application name.
    2. Click Export.
    3. Enter a unique snapshot name, and then click OK.
      Review the Migration Status Report to confirm that the export completed without errors.
    4. Click Close to close the Migration Status Report.