Adding Business Rules

Add business rules in Data Management to a Planning target application.

  1. On the Setup tab, under Register, select Target Application.

  2. Select a Planning target application.
  3. Click the Business Rules tab.

    Image shows the Business Rules tab.

  4. In Rule name, specify the name of the business rule that has been defined for the script.

  5. From Script Scope, select which type of business rule script is processed and executed first. The scope can be at the application or data rule level.

    Available scopes:

    • Application
    • Data Rule

    Consider the following when selecting the script scope:

    • If the scope of one or more rules is Application, then they are all run in sequential order.
    • If the scope is Data Rule, only rules for the running data rule run in sequential order.
    • The Application scope rules does not run if a Data Rule scope exists for the data load rule. However, if you run another rule against the same target application, then the Application scope rule runs.

    If the script scope is a data rule, select the specific data load rule from the Data Load Rule drop-down.

  6. From Data Load Rule, select the specific data load rule in which you want to run the script.

    The Data Load Rule is disabled when the script scope is "Application."

  7. In Sequence, specify the numeric order in which to execute a script if multiple scripts are to be executed and if scripts are at one script scope level (such as only data rules, or only applications).

  8. Click Save.