Defining a Period for Reconciliation Compliance Transactions

Account Reconciliation transactions must be loaded to one period. To do this, use global mappings to map various periods to one period.

To define a global mapping period for Reconciliation Compliance Transactions:

  1. On the Setup tab, under Integration Setup, select Period Mapping.

  2. Select the Global Mapping tab.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Select the Period Key.

    The Reconciliation Compliance Transactions load uses the Period Key and Prior Period Key defined in Data Management.

    Image shows the Global Mappings tab in Period Mappings.

  5. Select the Prior Period Key.

  6. Complete the following:

    1. Period Name; for example, July 2018

    2. Target Period Month; for example, August

    3. Target Period Year

    4. Target Period Day

    5. Year Target

  7. Click Save.