Creating a Data Load Mapping for Reconciliation Compliance Transactions

As a requirement in Data Management, create a data load mapping to pair intersections of data from the source to the target during the data load.

A data load mapping is not used with Reconciliation Compliance. However, a data load mapping is required for the "Data" dimension so that the system can create target values.

To create a data load mapping:

  1. On the Workflow tab, under Data Load, select Data Load Mapping.

  2. On the Data Load Mapping page, select the Location.

  3. From the Dimension drop-down, select Data.

  4. Select the Explicit tab.

  5. Click Add.

  6. In Source Value, enter * (asterisk).

    An asterisk (*) represents the source value.

  7. In Target Value, enter a reference to the type of transaction type.

    For example, you might enter BEX to identify the mapping as "Balance Explanation."

    Image shows the Data Load Mapping page.

  8. Click Save.