Integrating Budgetary Control

Oracle Fusion Budgetary Control is a module in the Oracle ERP Cloud that provides a flexible open interface to allow budgets to be imported and provides a basic spreadsheet for budget data entry.

You can import commitments, obligations, and expenditures from Budgetary Control into your Planning and Planning Modules for use with future budget preparation and reporting purposes.

In addition, you can develop comprehensive budgets in Planning and Planning Modules, and then using the write-back feature in Data Management, transfer budgets to Budgetary Control and enable budgetary control validation.


In this release, Budgetary Control only integrates with Planning and Planning Modules.

For information on loading commitments, obligations, and expenditures from Budgetary Control to Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, see Loading Budgetary Control Budget Consumption Balances to the EPM Cloud Process Description.

For information on writing back budgets from EPM Cloud to Budgetary Control, see Writing Back EPM Cloud Budget Balances to the Budgetary Control Process Description.