Viewing the EPM Cloud Budgets Loaded to Budgetary Control

When you have successfully written back budgets from EPM Cloud to the Budgetary Control, you can view the budget detail that was transferred.

To view the budget information transferred to Budgetary Control:
  1. Sign into the Oracle Applications Cloud.

    Image shows the Oracle Applications Cloud page

  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. From the Oracle ERP Cloud, select Budgetary Control.

    Data Management Workspace

  4. From Budgetary Control Workspace, select the Tasks icon.
  5. From the Tasks drop-down, select Review Budget Balances.

    Image shows Tasks drop-down

  6. On the Review Budget Balances page, select the Control Budget, and any search parameters for the budget that you want to review.

    Image shows Review Budget Balances page

  7. Click Search.

    The results of the search are shown on a results page.

    Image shows the Results Budget Balances page.