Writing Back to the Oracle ERP Cloud

When actual and budget information is completed in your application, you can define the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud application as a source and then write back data to the Oracle General Ledger target. For writing back actual data, the data can be written back to the Oracle ERP Cloud - General Ledger target. Journal entries are created in the General Ledger when you write back actual data.

After specifying any necessary filters, you can then extract budget values from EPM Cloud and write them to Oracle General Ledger. In the Export workflow step, the data is written to a flat file, which in turn is copied to a file repository.

For more information about writing back budgets, see Writing Back Budgets to the Oracle ERP Cloud.

For more information about writing back actuals, see Writing Back Actuals to the Oracle ERP Cloud - Oracle General Ledger.

For Planning users, watch this tutorial video to learn about writing back EPM Cloud budgets to the Oracle General Ledger:

video iconTutorial Video

For Planning Modules users, see the Tutorial Video.