Updating Existing Oracle HCM Cloud Extracts

When an Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud extract is updated to provide new functionality or definitions, a new file is created and made available in the EPBCS HCM Extract.zip. This feature enables you to take the latest updates when new extract definitions become available and shipped.

You can retain all existing mappings and definitions for a selected or all target applications based on an extract definition in Data Management when the extract is updated, select the Refresh Metadata feature on the Target application page.

Any new files show the release version in the file name. For example, if extracts are updated in Release 19.02, the extract file and name are as follows:

  • File name—EPBCS Assignment Data_1902.xml
  • Extract name—EPBCS Assignment Data_1902
  • XML Tag Name—EPBCS Assignment Data (no release version added)

To select an updated version of an Oracle HCM Cloud extract:


These steps assume that you have configured the source system, defined the source connection, and downloaded the EPBCS HCM Extract.zip. For information about any of these processes, see Process Description for Integrating Data from Oracle HCM Cloud.
  1. From Setup, and then Register, click Target Application.
  2. To select an updated version of an Oracle HCM Cloud extract and retain all existing mappings and definitions for the target application, select the target application for the extract and click Refresh Metadata.
  3. When prompted with the message, "Do you want to update only Selected Extract or All HCM Extracts?", click All to update all extracts, or click Selected to update just the individual extract.
    Images shows target application summary section.