Maintain Data Table by Location

Use Maintain Data Table by Location to delete data for a specific location by period or category.


To delete all locations for an application, use the Maintain Data Tables by Application option. This option enables you to delete data across all locations associated with a selected target application. See Maintain Data Table by Application for more information.

Maintain Setup Data uses a Mode parameter, which enables you to either preview or delete invalid data.

The parameters are:

  • Location

  • Start Period

  • End Period

  • Category

To maintain the data by location:

  1. On the Workflow tab, under System Maintenance Tasks, select Maintain Data Table by Location.
  2. Click Execute.
  3. From Execute Script, in Location, select the location from which to delete data.

    To delete data from all locations, leave the Location field blank.

  4. From Start Period, select the starting period from which to delete data.
  5. From End Period, select the ending period from which to delete data.
  6. From Category, select the category data to delete.

    To delete all category data, leave blank.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Optional: Click Schedule to schedule the job.

    For information on scheduling jobs, see Scheduling Jobs.