Maintain Setup Data

Use Maintain Setup Data to view and delete an orphan row or invalid data that cannot be accessed or deleted from the user interface. This data might include an orphan row from an import format, location, or data load rule. It can also include a duplicate row, or a Cloud user id or password defined for a local target application

Maintain Setup Data uses a Mode parameter, which enables you to either preview or delete invalid data. Preview mode enables you to print the data to be deleted. Delete mode enables you to delete the data.

To maintain setup data:

  1. On the Workflow tab, under System Maintenance Tasks, select Maintain Setup Data.
  2. Click Execute.
  3. From Execute Script, and then Mode, select either Delete or Preview.
  4. Click OK.

    If you selected Preview, the invalid data is shown on the Execute Script screen.

    If you selected Delete, the message: Custom script executed initiated with Process ID: XXX is displayed (where XXX is the process id number generated for job). You can access the log for the deleted records from the Process Details page.

  5. Optional: Click Schedule to schedule the job.

    For information on scheduling jobs, see Scheduling Jobs.