Registering a Target Application for the Class of Dimension or Dimension Type

In the Target Application option, you add a new target application for the class of dimension or dimension type. This application is used as the target application for loading metadata. When you add a dimension, Data Management creates six-dimensions applications automatically: Account, Entity, Custom, Scenario, Version, and Smartlist.

To add a dimension as a target application:

  1. Select the Setup tab, and then under Register, select Target Application.

  2. In Target Application, in the summary grid, click Add, and then select Dimension.

  3. From Select Application, and then from the Application Type drop-down, select the target application type.
  4. To specify a prefix name to use with each target application, in Prefix, specify a unique name.

  5. Click OK.

    Data Management creates the dimension application name using this format: "Application Name -" + Dimension Type.

    You can add dimensions multiple times. Data Management checks if a dimension application exists. If a dimension exists, it is skipped, and if not, it is created. This enables you to delete applications as needed and recreate it.


    The Refresh Metadata and Refresh Members options are not available when adding dimensions.

    Image show Select Application screen and Target Application screen