Setting User Variables

After Oracle Strategic Workforce Planning Cloud features are enabled and configured, set the predefined user variables. Each user, including administrators, must select members for the provided user variables.

The members that you select for user variables set the initial POV (Point of View) when you open dashboards and forms. You can then can change the POV from within dashboards and forms, and their changes are then reflected in User Variables preferences.

To set user variables:

  1. From the Home page, click Tools Tools icon, and then User Preferences User Preferences icon.
  2. On the User Variables tab, select members for these user variables:
    • Currency
    • Entity
    • Job Type
    • Reporting Currency
    • Scenario—Set the scenario for Workforce
    • Scenario View—Set the scenario for Strategic Workforce Planning
    • Strategic Start Year and Strategic End Year—For Strategic Workforce Planning, limit skill set planning to a range of years by setting the start and end year
    • Version
    • Years


Administrators can set limits for user variables by selecting Tools, then Variables, then User Variables, and then selecting members for the User Variable Definition. Administrators can further limit data entry by assigning permissions, setting variables, and creating valid intersections.