Loading and Calculating Incremental Workforce Data

At the beginning of a planning cycle, you might load the entire data for a given scenario and version. However, to stay up to date with Human Resources changes, you can import new and updated information frequently. Processing and calculation performance is greatly improved when you load updated data into Workforce using Data Management.

Data Management functionality enables you to compare a source data file with a previous version of the source data file and load only records that are new or have changed since the last load. The Incremental File Adapter in Data Management identifies the data that needs loading. Additionally, Workforce provides rules that dynamically generate the appropriate calculation script, depending on the changed and new data in the data load file and calculates only the data for the modified intersections.

After the Data Management load process, the changed and new data displays in the appropriate Workforce forms. The data reflects calculations applied in the load process.

To learn how to load and calculate incremental Workforce data in Data Management, watch this tutorial video.

video iconLoading and Calculating Incremental Workforce Data using Data Management.


Whenever you load data from Data Management, to copy data to future periods, you must select one of these Workforce rules: OWP_Incremental Process Data and Synchronize Defaults or OWP_Incremental Process Data and Synchronize Definition. See Deciding Which Workforce Rules to Add.