Previewing the Bursting List

The bursting list displays the default setting for the current scheduled batch. You can periodically view the default settings as you navigate through the Batch Scheduler and export the bursting list as a CSV file to specify output and permissions exceptions for a scheduled batch, thus overriding the default settings defined for the scheduled batch. For example, you can specify a different subfolder for some reports based on selected dimensions, or make some reports read-only.

To edit the bursting destination file for a current batch, the Planning Service Administrator or Planning Power User exports the file to a text editor or Excel, enters the members if not already displayed, and edits any in the table. When complete, the file must be imported into the repository (File , then Import , then File) where it can be applied to a scheduled batch. See the Bursting Destination File located in the /sample folder for a sample list.

To export the bursting list as a CSV file:

  1. On the Schedule Batch page, in Bursting Options, select Preview Bursting List.
  2. Click Export as CSV.

    By default, the file is exported to MS Excel, if available; otherwise, you are prompted to select a text editor.

  3. Specify the output options and permissions for individual members.


    Members that are added to the file, but are not also selected in the batch wizard, are ignored during output. To make the reports “read only” to users based on a group or role, enter a group name or role name.