Getting REST API Versions for Planning

You can get information on REST API versions using a set of REST resources, as summarized here.

Important: The version number is case-sensitive. For example, if the version number is listed as v3 with a lowercase v, you cannot enter the version number with a capital V as in this incorrect example, V3, which would result in an error. Instead, you must enter the version number with a lowercase v as in this correct example: v3.

Before using the REST resources, you must understand how to access the REST resources and other important concepts. See About the REST APIs. Using this REST API requires prerequisites. See Prerequisites.

Table 5-2 Getting REST API Versions

Task Request REST Resource
Get REST API Versions for Planning GET /HyperionPlanning/rest/
Get Information about a Specific REST API Version for Planning GET /HyperionPlanning/rest/{api_version}