Prerequisites to using the REST APIs and the EPM Automate Utility include the following:

  • Access as a service administrator to the cloud service with prerequisites set up for the service. See Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management as an Administrator.

  • Technical and functional knowledge to understand and execute the EPM Automate Utility and REST APIs, and to administer the product.

  • Knowledge of Java, cURL, Groovy, and REST programming.

  • Jobs are required for many EPM Automate utility commands and REST APIs. Jobs are actions, such as importing or exporting data that can be started immediately or scheduled for a later time; for example, importing or exporting data.

  • Data load rules define how Data Management loads data from a file. You must have predefined data load rules to load data using REST APIs and EPM Automate Utility. You can also load data using batches defined in Data Management. Using a batch, Service Administrators can combine many load rules in a batch and execute them in serial or parallel mode.

  • Business rules, which are required for some jobs. For example for Planning, you use Calculation Manager to create business rules, which are then deployed into a Planning application. Learn about business rules in Designing with Calculation Manager for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.