Prerequisites to using the REST APIs and the EPM Automate Utility include the following:

  • Access as a valid user to the cloud service with prerequisites set up for the service. See Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management as an Administrator and Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management as a User.

  • Technical and functional knowledge to understand and execute the EPM Automate Utility and REST APIs, and to administer the product.

  • Knowledge of Java, cURL, Groovy, and REST programming.

  • Jobs are required for many EPM Automate utility commands and REST APIs. Jobs are actions, such as importing or exporting data that can be started immediately or scheduled for a later time; for example, importing or exporting data. Be sure that you understand how to use jobs as described in Managing Jobs.

  • Data load rules define how Data Management loads data from a file. You must have predefined data load rules to load data using REST APIs and EPM Automate Utility. You can also load data using batches defined in Data Management. Using a batch, Service Administrators can combine many load rules in a batch and execute them in serial or parallel mode.

  • Business rules are required for some jobs. For example for Planning, you use Calculation Manager to create business rules, which are then deployed into a Planning application. Learn about business rules in Designing with Calculation Manager for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud